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szeptember 02, 2015

Február 10 – Pécs, Hotel Laterum

Február 12 – Budapest, Hotel Tulip Inn Millenium

Február 18 – Debrecen, Hotel Nagyerdő

Februrár 19 – Nyíregyháza, Lugas Hotel

Februrár 24 – Veszprém, Hotel Gizella

Március 3 – Szeged, Fehértói Halászcsárda

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New South African-European Partnership

július 01, 2012

SolarDura with headquarter in Johannesburg enters a partnership with SONNENKRAFT, European market leader within solar thermal energy solutions. SolarDura is the exclusive partner of SONNENKRAFT in Southern Africa with the objective to develop the solar thermal market of the region and provide high quality solutions for both domestic and industrial purposes.


Innovation Frontrunner within Solar Technology

május 31, 2012

The COMFORT E Plus solution from SONNENKRAFT that produces fresh hot water and room heating received the prestigious Plus X Award for “Best Solar Solution of the Year” at the annual award night in Köln. Furthermore the intelligent FWMi received honours as “Best Fresh Water Module of the Year”. Both awards are recognitions of the ongoing product development at SONNENKRAFT.


Easy calculation on your solar savings

március 11, 2012

SONNENKRAFT has developed a new and easy calculator for photovoltaic systems that produces electricity as well as the solar thermal systems that produce hot water and room heating. The calculator estimates your monthly energy savings and generates a report that you can show to a professional installer afterwards.

“The new calculator has a self explaining interface, and you do not need to be an engineer or a professional installer to use it. In a matter of minutes you can calculate your potential savings in consumption and furthermore you get a recommendation of what kind of solution you should invest in,” says Magnus Wallin, Managing Director; SONNENKRAFT Solar Systems GmbH.

The calculator is easy to work with and without technical complications. At the same time you get a very accurate result because the calculator is location based and takes the weather conditions of your particular area into account. All you need to have ready is your current energy consumption, basic information about your existing energy system, number of people in the household, and if you wish to the solar solution to supply you with hot water, room heating or electricity – or all three of them.

“The technology behind solar energy solutions is very complex, but we want it to be easy to understand for everybody, because solar energy is an important source of energy both now and in the future,” says Magnus Wallin. 

Try the solar calculator


SONNENKRAFT Receives Prestigious Award

február 15, 2012

As of 2012 half of SONNENKRAFT’s product line is either entirely new or improved, and the Plus X Award is acknowledgement of SONNENKRAFT as one of the innovative frontrunners within solar technology. The product development aims at making solar solutions that are easy to operate, are highly efficient and offer something extra. Both COMFORT E Plus solution and the FWMi are great examples of this.

“We are very proud of being given the Plus X Award. We have put a tremendous effort into our product development in recent years, and this award proves that our focus on high-tech solutions for the future that at the same time are user-friendly is the right way to go,” says Christian Stadler, Technical Head, SONNENKRAFT.

Among the companies that have also been given the Plus X Award for their innovative products are Apple, BMW, General Electric and SONY.


SONNENKRAFT Successful with International Focus

január 18, 2012

With the successful expansion to the United Kingdom and Switzerland SONNENKRAFT is now represented by its own companies in nine countries. Combined with the national partnerships in the remaining markets SONNENKRAFT has the most extensive market coverage in Europe. In the United Kingdom photovoltaic energy has had great success due to political focus and subsidy programmes, and now the time for solar thermal energy has come.

“In the United Kingdom the Renewable Heat Incentive programme for solar thermal energy is expected to be implemented shortly. This will boost the demand in the market. Especially because consumers already are familiar with solar solutions from photovoltaic energy,” says Magnus Wallin, Managing Director of SONNENKRAFT International.

In Switzerland it was recently decided to abandon nuclear power and become independent from it within 25 years. This decision has created a completely new market situation for alternative resources such as solar energy. Since solar energy is by no means foreign to Swiss consumers, the outlook is great.

“Solar energy in Switzerland does not have nearly the same level as in Austria, but it truly has the potential of Austria, the solar energy leading country of the world. Replacing nuclear energy with other sources means that there will be a great opportunity for our solar business. But it is also a very complex market because of the political system and multicultural character, so we will put in a strong effort in order to obtain our goals,” says Magnus Wallin.


Innovation Frontrunner within Solar Technology

május 31, 2012

The COMFORT E Plus solution from SONNENKRAFT that produces fresh hot water and room heating received the prestigious Plus X Award for “Best Solar Solution of the Year” at the annual award night in Köln. Furthermore the intelligent FWMi received honours as “Best Fresh Water Module of the Year”. Both awards are recognitions of the ongoing product development at SONNENKRAFT.


3 New Tanks with Great Utilization of Solar Heat

január 25, 2012

SONNENKRAFT now introduces three new tanks that all dramatically increase the efficiency of any solar thermal solution. Improved stratification means more efficient utilization of the solar heat, and better insulation of the tanks reduces heat loss by 20%. All in all you get a higher yield.


Improved Solar Solutions with High Efficiency

január 20, 2012

The main argument for installing a solar thermal solution is to save money on the household budget. The COMFORT E and COMFORT E Plus solutions from SONNENKRAFT that provide hot water and room heating have been improved and now more efficient. Better insulation of the water tanks and high efficiency pumps are among the new features.


Stratification Module with High Efficiency Pump

január 15, 2012

The stratification module SLM50HE which is used in the COMFORT E Solution for hot water and room heating has been fitted with a high efficiency pump that uses 80% less energy than before. Furthermore the SLM50HE now provides a more optimal heating of the water tank.


Improved Pump Station from SONNENKRAFT

december 15, 2011

The new version of SONNENKRAFT’s pump station for the hot water and heating solution COMFORT E has been significantly improved. With a 30% higher flow rate the pump station can operate bigger collector areas. The new PSKR18HE can support as many as six of the SKR500 collectors totaling 15.5 m2.


New System Knows when You Take a Shower

december 15, 2011

Intelligent management of solar energy for hot water and room heating reaches a new level. SONNENKRAFT, European market leader within solar energy solutions, now introduces an intelligent fresh water system that literally knows when you take a shower or do the dishes.

Big savings on the energy budget awaits households that install the new fresh water system from SONNENKRAFT. It only produces hot water when you need it for showering or doing the dishes. In comparison a normal water system constantly heats the water – also when you do not need it - and thus wastes a lot of energy for no reason.


“The intelligent system fresh water system collects data of when you use hot water and then automatically adapts to your daily rhythm. This means that system stops the production when you are at work, when you sleep or are on vacation. Therefore you save a lot of money,” says Magnus Wallin, Managing Director from SONNENKRAFT International.


Providing fresh hot water only when you need it has another major benefit to it besides saving money. By heating the water at the time of actual usage the system minimizes the risk of bacteria in the water. The constant readiness of hot water in normal water systems means that the first one to take a shower in the morning do so in water heated the evening before. When you have an intelligent water system from SONNENKRAFT you always get hot water that is fresh.


“The fresher the water is the smaller the risk is of occurrence of bacteria. The intelligent fresh water system eliminates any worry you may have of bacteria thriving in your water tank,” says Magnus Wallin.


Intelligent fresh water system

SONNENKRAFT Fresh Water Module



New Product Line Outperforms the Market

december 02, 2011

New product line brings SONNENKRAFT back in front of the chasing pack in the solar energy market. No less than half of the products are entirely new or improved. The motto of the product development effort has been efficiency, easy and extra – the three E’s.


SONNENKRAFT behind Large Complete Solution in Algarve

november 03, 2011

A new hotel in Alvor, Algarve, gets much of its energy by means of a large solar thermal installation. SONNENKRAFT is the only supplier and has delivered all components for the solution, from the 400 m2 solar collectors to the module that secures fresh hot water. By only having to rely on the expertise of a single supplier the entrepreneur knows that the solution is thoroughly tested and works from day one.


Solar Energy on the Rise in Finland

szeptember 01, 2011

On September 24 a new public swimming hall in Pori, Finland, will open. What makes the swimming hall special is that it has the largest solar thermal energy solution in Finland installed. SONNENKRAFT International has delivered the solution in close collaboration with the Finnish partners Alternative Solutions Finland Oy and Luvata. Finland is a market with potential.